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Приведение в соотвествие требованиям HIPAA

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
US federal law that regulates personal medical data protection.

Соответствие требованиям HIPAA


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HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) - Federal Law, adopted in 1996 and significantly improved in 2013, which specifically regulates the protection of personal medical data.
Individuals and organizations in the field of health (Covered Entity). After the adoption of the latest amendments in 2013, organizations that are not related to health care, but provide services related to the processing, storage or transmission of personal medical data ( Business Associates).
To comply with legal requirements, organizations that process, store, or transfer personal health information must:
  • Take all necessary administrative, physical and technical measures to protect personal health data
  • Ensure staff are aware of the legal requirements and their obligations to protect personal medical data
  • Develop and implement procedures for working with data, their backup and providing access to them in case of emergency
  • Sign a supplementary agreement (Business Associate Agreement), which separately stipulates the responsibilities for the protection of personal medical data, with all contractors who will be involved in the provision of services related to data
  • Provide data leak notification procedure
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    Our methodology allows to introduce a set of measures to ensure compliance in a short time and without significant labor costs on the part of the Customer.
    Compliance Control consultants have experience in successful projects to bring HIPAA requirements to companies that operate in the US market.


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