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PCI 3DS Certification

3DS Assessor

3DS Assessors are qualified by PCI SSC to perform assessments using the PCI 3DS Core Security Standard (Security Requirements and Assessment Procedures for EMV® 3-D Secure Core Components: ACS, DS, and 3DS Server).

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PCI 3DS Gap Analysis

Implementation support

We can assist in implementation of the PCI 3DS Security Requirements

PCI 3DS Consulting

Gap analysis and Remediation

During all remediation processes we provide you consulting and implementation required procedures and formal policies and procedures (all documents templates included)

PCI 3DS Support


We conduct the certification audit on compliance with the PCI 3DS Security Requirements 1.0 and inform VISA about successful result.

About PCI 3DS

: The PCI 3DS applies to entities that perform or provide 3DS Server (3DSS), 3DS Directory Server (DS), 3DS Access Control Server (ACS) functions.
1-year cycle for all regions
The list of 3DS Assessors available on PCI Council official web-site


The PCI 3DS Core Security Standard applies to environments where ACS, DS, and/or 3DSS functions are performed. Typically, this will consist of the 3DS Environment (3DE), which contains system components involved in performing or facilitating 3DS transactions, as well as system components supporting the 3DE. The term “system components” includes network devices, servers, computing devices, and applications.

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